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Is church on this week? What events are on and where. You are invited to...

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Why is this happening

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  • You will be aware that we’re about to head off to Cambodia as the next step of our 10-year church planting process there (this is year 3). This year our team comprises 5 from the NZ Vineyard (myself, Cameron and Rebecca Webster, Clark Alcock and his daughter Emma), plus three from the Australian Vineyard (Kirk Delaney, John and Paula Watson). We will be spending 3 days training and living in with 4 or 5 potential Cambodian church planters/couples (November 7-9), and then holding an open leadership training day on November 10. Our hope is this year we will gain a sense from God of specifically who we are supposed to walk with and ultimately partner with in planting Vineyard churches in Phnom Penh and beyond. So, can I ask you and your churches to pray for us while we’re away? And to help this process, it would be awesome if you could show this clip - https://vimeo.com/297007480 - that Dylan Jones and his team put together either this Sunday or next would be awesome. Thanks so much. Let me know if you have any thoughts or questions. Looking forward to seeing what God has in mind up there! VIC FRANCIS Director of training e: vt@vineyard.org.nz p: +64 27 4817 017 w: vineyard.org.nz